Air# 3: Ayako and Masami Final Performance

This Artists in Resonance project introduces Ayako Yonatani, a concert violinist who has performed concertos and recitals in Asia and North America for decades, and who has taught at UCF for many years, to Masami Koshikawa, a younger artist also of Japanese descent, who works in visual arts as well as performs in living installations, using techniques borrowed both from modern art and traditional Japanese theater from different eras. The collision of these two giants and their different approaches to making art is what makes this project so interesting. In the final performance, Ayako performs works for unaccompanied violin and viola, ranging from Bach to Hindemith and a very modern-sounding piece by Britten. Masami performs to the Bach Partita while dressed in black from head to toe, except for Japanese white-face, and white gloves. In the lighting design, she gives a completely new, moving, and relevant meaning to this timeless music. Then she paints on a huge black canvas for the last two pieces, using only white paint. A very intriguing and fascinating performance results.

This project is made possible by a grant from Duke Energy through United Arts of Central Florida.