Do you love the performing and visual arts?

Calling all Timucua fans! Spare an hour, and enjoy the show.

Do you want to feel more connected to your community? Do you like to meet new people and work in a team? If you answered yes to those questions, we would love to hear from you about joining our family of volunteers.

At Timucua, our goal is to create the conditions for every single guest to have a peak experience. It takes more than just artists and staff to meet that goal; our volunteers are an integral part of every Timucua event.

Benefits of being a Timucua volunteer

Deliver value beyond just the concert ticket – help guests have an unforgettable artistic experience,

connect with your community, meet new people, and work as part of a team,

support the arts by giving back,

and attend Timucua events for free.

Click the links below to choose your preferred volunteer opportunity for upcoming events.

June 2024

August 2024

Should you have any issues with signup, email us your preferred volunteer dates at jean-marie@timucua.com

Thank you, your help is invaluable to us!