Laura Garza

NOV-DEC 2022

“Born in Mexico, and settled in Orlando, Florida for the past 30 years, I first founded a business in the travel industry. But it was through my peregrinations across the globe that I began to truly observe people, cultures, and nature through my camera lens. Eventually, I chose to follow my passion, and dedicate myself fully to the art of photography, avid for moments to capture, particularly in nature.

Through photography, I seek to give voice to nature, to capture its beauty in its many interactions, and share the magnificence of these moments with the viewer, especially those intimate images of birds in their natural habitat.

Photography has the power to communicate the fragility of these habitats and the urgency needed to protect them. It motivates me to share a different perspective of our natural world, to celebrate its ephemeral beauty, and to alert the viewers of my work on their responsibility as contributors to this delicate harmony.” – Laura Garza