Interested in performing or exhibiting your art at Timucua?

Performing Artists

Site and Equipment Details


  • 11.5′ deep by 20.5′ wide


  • 6’7″ K. Kawai RXA, handmade in Japan, regulated to be even and very responsive


  • Sonor Special Edition Maple shells, five-piece, choice of toms (8″, 10″, 12″)
  • Three rides and a crash (old K, Istanbul, Paiste)
  • Choice of two kicks: 20″ ported resonant head, foamed-in and 18″ two full heads


  • 2 congas, djembe, pandeiro, and an assortment of small hand percussion

Upright Bass

  • 19th century 3/4 German flat back with good sustain, easy to play. Recorded 20+ albums with Sam Rivers

Bass Gear

  • Phil Jones Super Flight Case


  • Yamaha guitar with two humbucker pickups, and East Coast Acoustic guitar with pick-up.

Guitar Gear

  • Crate Palomino 32W Class-A all-tube power amp, two-channel with independent volumes and footswitch
  • Crate 5W all-tube power combo amp for full out distortion


  • Presonus StudioLive 24R mixer with effects, 2 Tannoy 800A powered speakers.

Recording Equipment

  • Exceptional sounding room with additional Active Acoustic Control System
  • DPA mics: omni pair, one omni high SPL, one cardioid pair, one additional cardioid, one clip-on 4099 instrument mic
  • Custom made Stereo Ribbon Blumlein pair, handmade by Denial Mesanovic
  • Other mics: Stereo AT BP-4025 field mic, two Langevin large diaphragm, two 414, four Peluso, one Cascade ribbon, nine vocal mics, Sony M/S mic, and more
  • Crane Song Spider front end: 2X, for 16 channels of audiophile bliss
  • Black Lion Audio Clock generator
  • Sound Devices 702, also available for field recordings
  • Reaper PC-based recording rig, with plug-ins
  • Four headphone sets capacity, only one mix
  • Four Panasonic 3MOS cameras, mounted on remote controlled TP heads, BMD live switcher, records ProRes HQ at 4:2:2 color re-rendering
  • FCP X video editing

NOTE: Sound checks are scheduled at 6–6:30pm

Artists interested in performing, fill out this application.

Visual Artists

Timucua’s season runs from August to June. One visual artist is featured each month of the season.

We recommend booking no less than 6 months in advance to be considered.

Visual artists interested in working live on stage or exhibiting their work, fill out this application.

Artist’s Corner and Gallery

  • Seven shelves for paintings, with hooks available for hanging. Note: Two spots are limited to 32″ in height
  • Music stands for bio, cards, collateral, etc.
  • Basic easel with adjustable height
  • Stool
  • Room for display of prints, collateral. etc. Note: Special stands or racks are not provided
  • Adequate lighting for hanging pieces and live working area
  • It is best to arrive at 6:30pm for assistance hanging and lighting the pieces

Visual artists interested in working live on stage or exhibiting their work, fill out this application.

Spoken Word & Open Mic

Authentic Selves is Timucua’s monthly poetry and open mic series and is held the third Sunday of every month. Hosted by Lauren White and Nadia Garzon.

Looking to perform? To sign up, fill out this application.