This project is funded in part by Orange County Government through the Arts & Cultural Affairs Program.

Tibetan Meditation with Puja Madan

Timucua 2000 S Summerlin Ave, Orlando, FL

Join us for a Tibetan healing meditation designed to help you fall in tune with yourself, and bring harmony to your whole being, utilizing music, sound, and the beautiful acoustics of Timucua. No prior meditation experience necessary. An open mind and heart will suffice. If you do however meditate regularly, this technique will deepen your […]

Deep Listening with Keith Lay

Timucua 2000 S Summerlin Ave, Orlando, FL

Deep Listening is a composer’s sound practice devised by the legendary composer and thought leader, Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016). It is open to everyone and devised to serve and expand our well-being, especially for those drawn to music and sound. DL meetings provide a safe space for musicians and composers to reframe their experience of sound, […]