Visual Artist: Weronika Ankarörn

2019-2020 Featured Visual Artists

Weronika Ankarörn

October 27th to November 17th (Working live November 3rd, 5th, 20th)

Artist statement:

“It was in the 1970’s in Göteborg, Sweden, that I began my first years of portrait photography. I was soon attracted to the advertising business and its ever-shifting creative images. The Sven Winquist Photography School of Göteborg prepared me for my position as staff photographer for an advertising agency “Annonsreklam AB”. The challenges ranged from simple location shots with a 35 mm SLR, to complex catalog pictures with an 8×10 view-camera in the studio.

By the time I had covered it all — commercial, industrial, product, fashion, editorial, interiors, exteriors — I struck out on my own. My work was appreciated and sought after on its own merits. Yet, as one of the first female commercial photographers in my hometown, I took many by surprise. And after awhile I got over clients being surprised that I was not a man with a beard. They learned.

My work grew to include all Scandinavia, as well as Italy and Germany. During this time, my man and I built our 40 ft sailing ketch, and in 1989, we answered the call of adventure for a wonderful year in blue waters. A year at sea — and photography in ports-of-call across the Atlantic. 1990 we arrived in Port Canaveral, Florida, settling in Orlando. Here I studied to become a graphics artist, and learn the expanding world of computers and digital imagery.

One of my first clients in Florida, Harcourt School Publishers, soon came to be a family of friends I continue to love to work with. As in sailing, in photography I look forward to new friends and challenges over each horizon.”