Visual Art

Timucua’s programming includes 4-week residencies by visual artists, during which time the artist’s works will be on display in the venue. At select events the artist will work live on stage during a musical performance.

Visual artists keep 100% of proceeds from any pieces they sell.

2020 Visual Arts Schedule

Patrick Tafoya: January 5th to 26th

Jim Preston: February 2nd to 25th

Jason Hunt: March 1st to 31st

Charles Everett: April 5th to 30th

Virginia Zuelsdorf: May 3rd to 31st

Homero Daniel Rodriguez: June 5th to 28th

Previously Featured Artists

2019 Visual Arts Schedule

Orit Reuben: May 12th to June 9th

Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz: June 16th to July 11th

Don Moon: August 4th to August 30th

Laura Riekki: September 21st to October 20th

Weronika Ankarorn: October 27th to November 17th

Nancy Jay: December 1st to December 21st