Nicole Wittstock


I am a modernist fine artist. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa where the spectacular sunsets turn landscapes into fire. The endless skies blaze with splashes of Cerise, Vermilion and Indigo, bleeding into the deepest of Cobalt and haloed by vivid Cyan.

I make up part of a people dubbed “The Rainbow Nation”. The brightness of my surroundings influenced my art works inspiring bold, contrasting use of colour. This is an expression of my exuberance for life and desire to live in full Technicolor. I paint and capture the ESSENCE of my subject matter.

I do not try to re-create reality, I believe there is enough great photography for that. I also don’t create art pieces to be witty or satirical. I only want to create bold depictions of what I observe and find beautiful, without dwelling in a humdrum world of greys and pastel tones. My art is always evolving and sometimes I stick to one medium, but often I love to mix them up combining line, black and white, full colour and most recently sculptural elements. I create using Acrylic, Chalk Pastel, Conté, Oils and different sculptural materials either on canvas, board or artist paper.

I appeal to professional adults with bottled up emotions. These professionals work long hours and come home to families that require their full attention. They do not have time to focus on trying to make sense of what they are feeling. I create pieces that people can look at and can say, “Yes that makes me happy” or “This shows how anxious I am” or “That is who I am behind my outward mask facade of professional and parent”.

I am a walking illustration of my art work. A South African, now living in Florida, USA. Making sense of what was, what is, and most importantly what’s to come. A mix of explosive feelings in bright colours with the hard black and white solid foundation. Always speaking my truth and leaving an explosion of vivacious colour in my wake. Love me or hate me you can’t ignore me.

Unashamedly, Nicole Wittstock.

Nicole Wittstock will be live painting at Timucua on 10/6, 10/13, 10/14, 10/22

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