Veronika Rose


Veronika Rose Tuskowski is a Marine Corps Veteran and visionary artist hailing from Orlando, FL. She served two deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a public affairs and broadcast/print combat journalist with the First Marine Division in Kuwait and Iraq.

After being diagnosed with PTSD upon her return to the US, Veronika embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing, seeking alternative therapies to those provided by the Veteran Administration Hospital. Painting soon became her active meditation, therapy, and spiritual practice.

Prior to her career as an artist, Veronika was a nurse and later became the Healing Arts Director for the non-profit “Heroes of Freedom” from 2013-16. The program, held at the Orlando Veterans Hospital, offered alternative therapeutic classes such as painting, poetry, qigong, and yoga to veterans suffering from PTSD.

In 2009 she also began the path of the Red Road, studying various healing modalities, and leading her to became a Moon dancer, Chanupa carrier, and entheogenic integration coach. She is also a sahumadora and Temazcalera while serving on the Moon Dance council for XiuhOzeloMetztli.

In 2016, Veronika studied painting with renowned visionary artists Alex and Allyson Grey. She continued her education in classical oil techniques and figure painting with Oleg Korolov at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in 2018, and studied acrylics with Autumn Skye Morrison.

Today, Veronika travels the world as a freelance artist and Art Director, while teaching classes, painting live at events, holding art ceremonies, and organizing retreats for veterans, artists, and women.

She is the founder of the Visionary Goddess Retreat and co-founder of Visionary Veterans. Veronika is also a certified Addiction Recovery and Psycho-spiritual Integration coach, specializing in Psychedelic painting integration workshops.

Veronika Rose will be live painting at Timucua on 9/2, 9/3, 9/27

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