PJ Svejda

Macrh 2024

PJ Svejda will livepaint on 3/16, 3/17, and 3/22. Exhibit available to view at all March events.


PJ studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she earned both a BA in illustration and an MA in painting. She began building her career as an artist and instructor in Atlanta, Georgia for 12 years before relocating to Orlando, Florida where she has had great success in the local art community. She is most recognized for her passionate narratives, illustrating ideas of coexistence between man, beast, and planet. She pushes the envelope, juxtaposing controversial imagery with a classical and traditional style.

She has been involved in activism for animal, environmental, and human rights and has found a way to merge her passion for art with her desire for change. Her paintings tell stories of pain and hope and raise the viewer’s self-awareness into their own humanity; urging increased consciousness of the time we spend here on earth.

PJ is co-founder of Studio Artfarm in New Mount Dora, Florida. For more information, visit

About Studio Artfarm:

The dream is to build a community of artists who are eager to learn and live in a peaceful planet. Our goal as artists is to tell stories and raise awareness. We challenge humanity and urge compassion, respect, and coexisting for all with the understanding that that mentality begins with happiness of the self. As a teacher, my goal is to help people not only achieve their fundamental and technical goals but to facilitate a healthy state of mind where you have the tools to express your subconscious voice and do so through the journey of creating. Art is the voice of the subconscious. -PJ Svejda Painting is a journey. Such a metaphor for life – from beginning to end the experience is filled with a symphony of emotions. In one painting you feel excitement, motivation, and inspiration; then challenged, defeated and insecure. A painting teaches humility and perseverance and above all, faith, because no matter how many revisions or stumbles you go though, you know it’s just paint and you have the power to control it. At the end of the dark tunnel – there is light. At the end of the struggle – there is accomplishment. Underneath every painting is a journey. Art is what freedom looks like.

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