Electronic Composition
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What does wet/dry mean?

When using effects, whether they are plug in effects like in bandlab, or hardware effects like guitar pedals, you’ll sometimes see a knob labeled “wet/dry” or “mix.”

Wet signal is the signal being altered by the effect. Dry signal is the unaltered effect. Learning to balance between the wet and dry signals is key to sound design and creating new and interesting timbres.

Our previous example was a little too extreme with the DSP, so much that it was impossible to tell what the original sound source was. Let’s look at a scaled down version of the same effects.

Upon a close inspection you’ll notice that some of the parameters for the effects have been changed. You might also notice a second track! Instead of trying to balance the wet and dry through just the effects a second “dry” track was added so that the two tracks could be blended together to create a sound where the original sound source is heard, but also supported by the wet signal.