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What is song form?

This question is admittedly a little misleading. It makes it seem as if there’s just one form called song form when, in reality, there are many different song forms made from similar parts. These parts are:

  • Intro – The introduction of a song, the very first thing you hear.
  • Verse – The storytelling part of a song, this is where the songwriter sets the scene with their lyrics.
  • Chorus, Hook, or Refrain – This is the section of the song that is often the most repeated and is meant to get stuck in your head.
  • Bridge – This is the “catch-all” section, often anything that isn’t a verse or chorus can be labeled bridge.
  • Outro – the ending of a song, the last thing you hear.

Usually, a song will have multiple verses with similar music and different lyrics and multiple choruses with similar music and lyrics. Let’s take a look at a sample song form:

Section NameIntroVerse 1ChorusVerse 2ChorusBridgeChorusOutro
No. of Measures488888164
This is just one of many ways to combine these sections. Here’s an instrumental track with this form.