Day 1


Welcome to your first lesson! Jazz in Seven Minutes a Day is designed as a daily exercise guide for improving the skills to hear, read, play, and improvise in a Jazz setting.

There are 36 weekly Lessons, each with 6 daily practice sessions. The practice sessions vary from 5 minutes to 8 minutes or so.

The daily practice session includes scales, ii-V-I progressions, “dots,” and a choral. Your goal each day is to play the complete routine along with the embedded video. The tempos increase in each of the six days of the Lesson.

Getting Started

Click on the “Materials” tab above and download a PDF of the exercises for Lesson 1. You may feel ready to jump in and play the whole exercise, or you may want to get comfortable with the scales and ii-V-I phrases on their own.

To focus in on the scales, use the play-along video below. The dropdown menu will let you select the transposition of your instrument. You will hear the scale pattern and see the corresponding notation.


When you are able to play the complete routine (with the correct notes and in time) along with the video below, you’ll be ready to move on to Lesson 1, Day 2.

Don’t be discouraged if it takes more than one practice session to be able to play the complete lesson. If this material feels brand new to you, it may take a few sessions before you feel it stick. Once you are able to get through Day 1, the rest of the days will feel familiar and you’ll be into a great practice routine!