Music Theory
Acoustic Composition
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Timbre is an often overlooked, but very important aspect of music. It describes the quality of sound and is directly linked to how we perceive music. Although it’s a topic closely associated with electronic music, many books have been written by renown composers on the topic of orchestration. Paying close attention to the timbre of the instruments you’re writing for will yield great rewards in your compositions.

Jonny Greenwood is a guitarist and composer mostly known for his film scores and his work with the band Radiohead.

Composition Assignment

Take your A section and B section and arrange them for a string quartet (use a second violin if you’re uncomfortable with the viola’s alto clef). Decide which instrument should play the melody, then arrange the chords between the remaining perfomers. The suggested range for each instrument is below.

These instruments do have a wider range, however, it’s wise to be conservative with your use of extreme ranges.

You can use any of the following forms:

  • Binary: A|B
  • Ternary: A|B|A
  • Rounded Binary: A|BA

*For now, don’t worry about modulating in the B section of the Binary forms.