Music Theory
Acoustic Composition
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Musical texture is the classification of the density of music, or the total number of independent melodic voices. There are three commonly occurring musical textures: Monophony, polyphony, and homophony.

  • Monophony – A single melodic line performed by one or many musicians
  • Polyphony – Multiple, independent melodic lines
  • Homophony – A main melodic line supported by accompaniment

Composition Assignment

To refresh your memory the assignment from the previous lesson is pasted below:

At this point you may have realized these composition assignments are leading somewhere. For this lesson, consider everything up to this point as the A section for an original composition; compose a 16 measure B section for your piece. Start with a melody, add a functional chord progression, and then turn that chord progression into a rhythmic accompaniment.

Can you describe the form of these two examples?