Time Is of the Essence: A Tribute to Renowned Jazz Saxophonist Michael Brecker, Featuring Seamus Blake

Please also bring food or wine to share. 

Twenty years ago, the legendary jazz saxophonist Michael Brecker put out his dynamic recording “Time Is of the Essence” and the jazz world took notice. This fall, North Florida-based drummer Ben Adkins is looking forward to introducing the exciting material to a new generation through a mini-tour of concerts and workshops across the region, with internationally acclaimed saxophonist Seamus Blake in the tenor role.

The winner of 15 Grammys, saxophonist and composer Michael Brecker was a musical powerhouse, working with a host of jazz greats including Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Charlie Haden, Jack DeJohnette, Horace Silver, Chet Baker, Dave Brubeck, George Benson, Charles Mingus and scores of others. Michael and his brother Randy Brecker, the noted trumpeter, were jazz-rock pioneers, founding the band Dreams circa 1970, and also partnering in the ground-breaking jazz-funk fusion band simply called the Brecker Brothers. An alumnus of the famed Saturday Night Live band, Michael Brecker appeared on more than 700 albums, including with pop icons such as Frank Sinatra, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen Steely Dan, Lou Reed, Eric Clapton and John Lennon.

“Time Is of the Essence” was Michael Brecker’s sixth album as a leader, with an all-star band comprising guitarist Pat Metheny, organist Larry Goldings, and three drummers—Elvin Jones, Jeff “Tain” Watts, and Bill Stewart—appearing on three tracks each. “Time Is of the Essence” has withstood the test of time: It was well-received and well-reviewed upon release and is now widely regarded as a straight-ahead jazz classic. The nine infectious tunes showcase the band’s awesome versatility, with concise power, blazing solos, and an abundance of drive and intensity. The compositions, including five Brecker originals, ranging from the funky to the haunting to the introspective, with subtle cookers tucked into the mix.

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Tim Rosenberg

$10-$20 suggested donation. Please also bring food or wine to share.

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque

Multiple Juno Award winner, Jane Bunnett has turned her bands and recordings into showcases for the finest musical talent from Canada, the U.S and Cuba. She has been nominated for Grammy Awards, numerous Juno Awards, received an Order of Canada, The Queens Diamond Jubilee medal, and most recently Ontario’s Premiers Award for Excellence. An internationally acclaimed musician, Jane Bunnett is known for her creative integrity, improvisational daring and courageous artistry. Her exploration of Afro-Cuban melodies expresses the universality of music and her ability to embrace and showcase the rhythms and culture of Cuba has been groundbreaking. She has toured the world bringing her own special sound to numerous JAZZ festivals, displaying her versatility as a tourist, saxophone player and pianist. As an educator, spokesperson and social activist, she remains unafraid to explore uncharted territory in her quest for excellence!

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$20 general admission. Please also bring food or wine to share.

La Lucha

Marty & Michiko Morell & La Lucha -Trailer- from Benoit Glazer on Vimeo.

La Lucha is a Tampa Bay-based trio that consists of three best friends from three different parts of the world; Colombia, Mexico & United States.  Its members are Alejandro Arenas, bass; John O’Leary, piano; and Mark Feinman, drums. Their repertoire is a diverse mixture of Latin-inspired rhythms with Jazz standards, twisted arrangements of pop songs and original compositions. Each member of the trio has extensive national and international performance experience, including a tour of Italy and France with performances at the “Umbria Jazz Festival” and “Jazz a Juan” in Juan Les Pins.

La Lucha aims to create music that transcends genres and classifications. They consider music to be live art, which will continue to breathe, grow and evolve with their commitment to it.

$10-$20 suggested donation. Please bring food or wine to share.

Zachary Bornheimer Quintet

$10-$20 suggested donation. Please also bring food or wine to share.

Sunday, July 8th
Zachary Bornheimer Quintet

7:00 pm Doors 7:30 pm Show
$10-$20 suggested donation. Please bring food or wine to share.
Special exhibition of works by Patrick Tafoya.

Zachary Bornheimer – Tenor Sax
LaRue Nickelson – Guitar
John O’Leary – Piano
Alejandro Arenas – Bass
Alex DeLeon – Drums

The Zachary Bornheimer Quintet is a powerhouse with extreme flexibility.  The group, originally formed in the beginning of 2015 as a vehicle for “The Emotional Suite,” came forth from the band assembled for a recital Zachary Bornheimer gave in early 2014.  The concept behind The Zachary Bornheimer Quintet is to play music at the highest level possible, but to remove genre restrictions.  “The Emotional Suite,” a perfect example of the dexterity of the group to balance on the edges of genres, pushes into the Avant-garde and Fusion sub-genres of jazz, but can be described as “modern classical music performed by jazz quintet.”  The music of the group is primarily written by Bornheimer (the tenor saxophonist and leader), but could be believably attributed to any member of the group as the most consistent sound of The Zachary Bornheimer Quintet is balance, leaving no instrument relegated to a subservient position.  The group performs with an emotional ferocity that compliments the musical meditations it presents.

The members of the group have, separately and together, toured internationally with the University of South Florida Jazztet and, from 2012-2015, played with the USF Jazztet in Italy, France, and England, at various festivals (including the Umbria Jazz Festival, Jazz à Vienne, Birmingham Jazz Festival, and the Wigan Jazz Festival).

Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit

7 pm doors 7:30 show.

$10-$20 suggested donation. Please also bring food or wine to share.

Large Unit is twelve Nordic musicians led by the high-energy phenom drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. Ensemble musical motifs with alternately elegiac, squelchy, and emphatic improvisations are interlocked in a shifting, sonic poetry. It’s a jazz big band if you can agree that the crunchy, tabletop electronics of Lasse Marhaug, an accordion, and two bassists who veer into Post-Punk territory can coexist with the traditions of the Swing. Countenance these elements colliding with your Ellington or Gil Evans or not, this is an exemplar Civic Minded 5 spectacle.

Tattoos & Vinyls 

Our Large Unit concert is an ambitious affair with fourteen Nordic visitors. We have a few rolling costs above budget to cover including an extra nights’ stay for a few musicians and needing to move the Timucua piano out of the line of fire. Please consider being a sonic philanthropist by choosing from the aesthetically pleasing and- in the case of our Large Unit US Tour temporary tattoo- typically off-center cm5 concert premiums. It’s easy; just reserve a ticket by donating your selected amount and receive one of the premium packages at the door! Thanks for considering this and for attending our concerts. Tuesday’s is the culmination of three years of planning. See you there.


$10 – $20 PREMIUM Large Unit USA Temporary Tattoo. Reserve a concert seat plus one tattoo for $10. Two tattoos for $20. One for now, one for Bike Week. Apply next to your Black Flag Four Bars flash.

$40 PREMIUM Large Unit CD and tattoo. Reserve a concert seat plus a Large Unit Fluku Compact Disk plus one of those USA Tour tattoos.

$60 PREMIUM Large Unit deluxe 3 CD box set and tattoo. Reserve a concert seat plus a Large Unit Erta Ale Compact Disk box plus one of those USA Tour tattoos.

$90 PREMIUM Large Unit deluxe 4 LP vinyl/1 CD/1 flexidisc box set and tattoo. Reserve two concert seats plus a Large Unit Erta Ale vinyl box plus two of those USA Tour tattoos.

Per Danielsson Trio

March 25, 2018
Per Danielsson Trio
7:00pm Doors, 7:30pm Show.
$10-$20 suggested donation. Please also bring food or wine to share.

The phenomenal jazz pianist and his trio return to Timucua for a highly anticipated concert! Per Danielsson is the Assistant Professor in Jazz Piano at the University of Central Florida. As a member of the faculty group “The Jazz Professors,” Per performs regularly with saxophonist Jeff Rupert, drummer Marty Morell, bassist Richard Drexler.