Timucua Arts Foundation Presents Gerald Law II and The Clutch

About Gerald Law II and the Clutch

Drummer, composer, and now band leader and singer, Gerald Law II built a reputation as the go-to drummer for Jazz and R&B artists including Blanca, Sisaundra Lewis, and CeCe Teneal & Soul Kamotion. If you’ve seen him play, you know why he’s affectionately called “the smiling drummer.” From his drum throne, Law drives the rhythm and elevates the performance of everyone around him. That includes his band of versatile virtuosos, The Clutch, who bring audiences to incredible heights with music that always grooves, whether simmering with soulful energy or exploding in creative improvisation.
Having released two albums in 2020 (From G to You: Vol I & Vol II), Law is poised to break out in 2021 with high profile performances, a residency at the Timucua Arts Foundation, and more relentlessly creative compositions and recordings. Maybe his famous on-stage smile comes from feeling so at home making music—or maybe he’s just happy to see us.

Gerald Law II, drums and vocals
Derrick Harvin, keyboards
LaVon Rushing, bass
Dayve Stewart, saxophone


Selections from From G to You:Vol I & Vol II
Selections from Who We are, featuring Joel Law and Jamiel Law

About From G to You

“From G. to You: Vol I is inspired by a time of reflection. The moments and people in my life that have shaped my experiences and the lens of my world-view. Vol. 1 is specifically inspired by and dedicated to my grandmothers. There are currently five generations of my family living in 2020 and these women have poured into each phase of our bloodline. Sad to say, neither of them have ever had the opportunity to come to one of my shows, so I created something to bring to them.

Vol. II is dedicated to my wife, Yohanna. She may just be even more of a music lover than I am. Knowing this, I really aimed to set moods that represent her, her vibe, and how I see her. I wanted her to know this was from me; my note to her that she’s my forever crush.”

– Gerald Law II

About Who We Are

When injustices and killings are carried out against Black people, the first images we see in the media are often presented in justification for their mistreatment or death. It isn’t until the nation is in uproar or violence breaks out that a light is shined on who these people were: mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends. Before the world is given a chance to feel empathy, the viral spread of images and facts, without context, obscures the reality that these are humans who did not deserve to die.
The ‘Who We Are’ project is intended to illuminate African-American culture. The music will portray who we are as people, using text and audio from interviews to amplify the sound and perspective of these voices – the sounds of these human beings. This interdisciplinary residency is a collaboration between three brothers – Gerald, Joel, and Jamiel Law – and will include the creation of new music and visual art based on interviews with a broad range of Black and African American subjects.


Fernwood String Quartet – Live at the Dr. Phillips Center

7:00 pm and 9:00 pm shows

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The international musicians of the Fernwood String Quartet perform a program of world-premieres by acclaimed composers working in Central Florida. The program promises to be a buffet of styles and moods from some of the best known composers living and working in the Orlando area. Alex Burtzos’s OMAHA (all the things you could be you are you were) is a piece about memories – their creation, retention, and ultimate dissolution. Troy Gifford’s Lumina is a lyrical and gorgeous serenade. Charlie Griffin’s Billing’s Portrait pays tribute to the father of the American choral tradition in a set that reimagines three of William Billings’ best known pieces, including the fiery Let Tyrants Shake. These and other new and refreshing works will be brought to perfect life in a way that only the masterful Fernwood Quartet can.


Julia Gessinger, violin
Andreas Volmer, violin
Daniel Cortes, viola
Hanrich Claassen, cello


Five Miniatures, Austin Ashe
OMAHA, Alex Burtzos
Gigue, Stan Cording
Shock of Waking, Jim Croson
Lumina, Troy Gifford
Minimalist Madness, Joseph Gray
Billings Portrait, Charlie Griffin
Unfortunately Not A Samba, Jamie Wehr

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