Helena is an ensemble of Central Florida’s most dauntless singers. The group made their debut at Timucua in 2016 and quickly established themselves by performing adventurous and ambitious repertoire by and about women. Don’t miss this Orlando treasure.

$10-$20 suggested donation. Please bring food or wine to share.

Tal Cohen group presents “Gentle Giants”

The Tal Cohen Trio presents traditional jazz mixed with modern elements borrowing from traditional jewish music as well as other genres from around the world.

Please also bring food or wine to share.

Zachary Bornheimer Quintet

$10-$20 suggested donation. Please also bring food or wine to share.

Sunday, July 8th
Zachary Bornheimer Quintet

7:00 pm Doors 7:30 pm Show
$10-$20 suggested donation. Please bring food or wine to share.
Special exhibition of works by Patrick Tafoya.

Zachary Bornheimer – Tenor Sax
LaRue Nickelson – Guitar
John O’Leary – Piano
Alejandro Arenas – Bass
Alex DeLeon – Drums

The Zachary Bornheimer Quintet is a powerhouse with extreme flexibility.  The group, originally formed in the beginning of 2015 as a vehicle for “The Emotional Suite,” came forth from the band assembled for a recital Zachary Bornheimer gave in early 2014.  The concept behind The Zachary Bornheimer Quintet is to play music at the highest level possible, but to remove genre restrictions.  “The Emotional Suite,” a perfect example of the dexterity of the group to balance on the edges of genres, pushes into the Avant-garde and Fusion sub-genres of jazz, but can be described as “modern classical music performed by jazz quintet.”  The music of the group is primarily written by Bornheimer (the tenor saxophonist and leader), but could be believably attributed to any member of the group as the most consistent sound of The Zachary Bornheimer Quintet is balance, leaving no instrument relegated to a subservient position.  The group performs with an emotional ferocity that compliments the musical meditations it presents.

The members of the group have, separately and together, toured internationally with the University of South Florida Jazztet and, from 2012-2015, played with the USF Jazztet in Italy, France, and England, at various festivals (including the Umbria Jazz Festival, Jazz à Vienne, Birmingham Jazz Festival, and the Wigan Jazz Festival).

Christopher Belt and Troy Gifford 

$10-$20 suggested donation. Please bring food or wine to share.

Classical guitarists Christopher Belt and Troy Gifford debut a new duo project! Comprised of music by French composers from the Baroque to Modern eras, and an original piece by Gifford, the program is at times enchanting, at times bracing.

Andre Jolivet: Serenade
Ravel (arr. Gifford): Mother Goose Suite
Ida Presti: Prelude, Danse d’Avila
Rameau: Les Tendres Plaintes, La Joyeuse, L’indifferente
Troy Gifford: Indigo
Gabriel Fauré: Pavane

Special exhibition of works by Lisa Sullivan Dunlop.

Leo Aether

$10-$20 suggested donation. Please also bring food or wine to share.

The Andes, the backbone of the Americas, is the source of life and light for an entire continent – and it is precisely this energy which flows through Leo Aether’s music. This band’s fusion of South American folk and rock n’ roll has been praised in both Colombia and Puerto Rico, as well as the USA. Some have called their fusion one of the most successful Rock Raíz attempts.

The band members of Leo Aether are from Puerto Rico and Colombia and they bring a big range of sounds powered by the songs of lead singer and former Urbe Prima leader, Leonardo Linares, who has traveled and played through Central and South America as a solo artist and writer for several years before the band’s creation in late 2016. Bass player Juan has been a gig musician all of his life in Puerto Rico, and joined the band as soon as he moved to the US in 2016. Pablo, the percussionist, comes from a family involved with the music and show production industries in Puerto Rico, and is a professional musician in Orlando. Together, the members of the band have over 30+ years of cumulative experience in stages all over the Americas. They toured together at the end of 2016 to promote their most recent album “Vuelo al Sur” through Colombia, Puerto Rico and USA.

John Korbel

John Korbel is a Jazz Singer/Songwriter from Orlando, Florida. While living in his hometown of Philadelphia, John performed both as a solo artist, and with local bands where he developed his songwriting skills, and opened shows for major acts including Jay Leno, Blood Sweat and Tears, Asleep At The Wheel, and The Hooters.

Relocating to Orlando FL, John continues to perform both locally and throughout the country. He has been featured at the Third Street Songwriters Festival in Baton Rouge LA, the Island Hopper Songwriters Festival in Fort Myers FL, the Key Largo Songwriters Festival in the Florida keys, as well as other festivals across the US.

John’s songwriting style has evolved to incorporate elements of Jazz, Classic Pop, Latin, and Bossa Nova. His new EP “Earthlight”is receiving airplay on college Jazz radio around the US, as well as Jazz radio stations in Europe.

With: Ryan De Sade Way on keyboards, Mark Hagan on drums, Rick Richolson on bass, and Ricky Jackson on alto sax.


Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit

7 pm doors 7:30 show.

$10-$20 suggested donation. Please also bring food or wine to share.

Large Unit is twelve Nordic musicians led by the high-energy phenom drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. Ensemble musical motifs with alternately elegiac, squelchy, and emphatic improvisations are interlocked in a shifting, sonic poetry. It’s a jazz big band if you can agree that the crunchy, tabletop electronics of Lasse Marhaug, an accordion, and two bassists who veer into Post-Punk territory can coexist with the traditions of the Swing. Countenance these elements colliding with your Ellington or Gil Evans or not, this is an exemplar Civic Minded 5 spectacle.

Tattoos & Vinyls 

Our Large Unit concert is an ambitious affair with fourteen Nordic visitors. We have a few rolling costs above budget to cover including an extra nights’ stay for a few musicians and needing to move the Timucua piano out of the line of fire. Please consider being a sonic philanthropist by choosing from the aesthetically pleasing and- in the case of our Large Unit US Tour temporary tattoo- typically off-center cm5 concert premiums. It’s easy; just reserve a ticket by donating your selected amount and receive one of the premium packages at the door! Thanks for considering this and for attending our concerts. Tuesday’s is the culmination of three years of planning. See you there.


$10 – $20 PREMIUM Large Unit USA Temporary Tattoo. Reserve a concert seat plus one tattoo for $10. Two tattoos for $20. One for now, one for Bike Week. Apply next to your Black Flag Four Bars flash.

$40 PREMIUM Large Unit CD and tattoo. Reserve a concert seat plus a Large Unit Fluku Compact Disk plus one of those USA Tour tattoos.

$60 PREMIUM Large Unit deluxe 3 CD box set and tattoo. Reserve a concert seat plus a Large Unit Erta Ale Compact Disk box plus one of those USA Tour tattoos.

$90 PREMIUM Large Unit deluxe 4 LP vinyl/1 CD/1 flexidisc box set and tattoo. Reserve two concert seats plus a Large Unit Erta Ale vinyl box plus two of those USA Tour tattoos.

Fred Johnson, Dan Jordan, Michael Ross

Fred Johnson has recently been creating real magic with two  amazing
Florida-based musicians- Bassist  Michael Ross, and saxophonist Daniel Jordan.
The trio has developed a telepathic interplay and a sound all their own.

$10-$20 suggested donation. Please bring food or wine to share.

Special exhibition of works by Sean Kane.