Resident Artist – October 2020

Welcome, Paul Vincenti to the Resident Artist Program at Timucua! Vincenti is an oil painter who lives and works in Orlando, Florida. His paintings portray both the natural and supernatural beauty of wildlife. The light source in pieces like “Spoonbill’s Sunrise “and “Palm Square” exhibit Vincenti’s attention to detail, rendering a candid perspective of serenity found in tropical landscapes.

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Pieces like “Golden Mermaid” present a similar concept, where a warm pink light surrounds a relaxed mermaid. The subject, although supernatural, displays Vincenti’s talent to depict a peaceful portrait of tropical colors and figures. You can find this painting and more on his website.

Aritst Website:

Live Art
Timucua hosts a 4-week residency program for visual artists. We invite painters, sculptors, and other visual artists to showcase their work in the concert hall. Artists also work on stage alongside musicians. However, due to the conditions set by COVID-19, artists now work from the safety of their homes.