Resident Artist – May 2021

About Genevieve DeMarco:

Genevieve DeMarco was born in Patterson, Louisiana and moved to Orlando, FL in 2011. She is a self-taught artist that discovered her gift of visual expressionism in 2012 and since has not gone a day without the arts. Genevieve has exhibited in Atlanta, New York, Richmond, VA and all over Central Florida including the Mennello Museum of American Art and Orlando Museum of Art. 

Since February 2013 she has put on her first solo showing at NV Art, multiple exhibitions with her artist collective The Solution, two collaboration exhibitions at Loft 55 Gallery, and participated in various joint shows. In between exhibitions she’s been featured in various festivals, galleries, and participated in live paintings. Genevieve DeMarco currently lives and works from her studio in Orlando, Florida.

"we're always looking for god so we never see them in ourselves"
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
More Human The Black
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Artist Statement: 

“Grounded in contemporary expressionism, I use rough brush strokes, bright colors, and a specific image in each painting to express my artistic statement. My Influence is usually gathered from context that I’m reading or a part of history that I’m interested in at the moment the work is being created. Every word, color, and image I use is to narrate the painting. Nothing should be left to mystery; if you have any questions about my art you can find it in the painting.”

Instagram: @thecolorofmysoulisblue

Live Art

Timucua hosts a 4-week residency program for visual artists. We invite painters, sculptors, and other visual artists to showcase their work in the concert hall. Artists also work on stage alongside musicians.