Resident Artist – January 2021

Digital Camera

Arthur L. Dawson is a self-taught artist who grew up in North Florida. He developed an interest in art at the age of seven when he created a comic book with himself as the superhero vanquishing evil-doers. Loïs Mailou Jones influenced him to pursue a career in fine art. 

Learn more about Dawson in the video below.

Message from the Artist: 

“What we do as artists is not an easy job. It’s truly a labor of love. So when you spend your time and money to support the arts, we appreciate it! There is no measure of thanks for your generosity. Without you and your passion for the arts, we could not continue to do the craft we enjoy and love so much. I can’t speak for others, but at Arthur L Dawson Studio and Contemporary Masters, Inc., your support is greatly appreciated. And we hope to always answer your generosity by continuing to create and provide high-quality collectible art we all can be proud of. Your support says how you feel about us; I just thought you should know how we feel about you!”

Click here to view more works of art on Arthur L. Dawson’s website.

Live Art

Timucua hosts a 4-week residency program for visual artists. We invite painters, sculptors, and other visual artists to showcase their work in the concert hall. Artists also work on stage alongside musicians. However, due to the conditions set by COVID-19, artists now work from the safety of their homes.