Resident Artist August 2021

Jaime Margary

Jaime Margary creates acrylic paintings, sculptures, pen illustrations, murals, film and animation. His work has been featured in Adult Swim, The Guardian, The Orlando Museum of Art, and Orlando Weekly’s Best of Orlando. He is currently working on a film project. Find out more about Jaime on his website. 

Click here to visit Jaime Margary’s website.

Click here to visit Jaime Margary’s Instagram page. 

Live Art

Timucua hosts a 4-week residency program for visual artists. We invite painters, sculptors, and other visual artists to showcase their work in the concert hall. Artists also work on stage alongside musicians.

TAFI124 AOTM Jaime Margary Vimeo Video Graphic
“Amelia Earhart” Mural
“Amelia Earhart” Mural
"Personality Cult"
acrylic on wood panel
5″ x 7″
Mucho Mucho Amor
pen on paper
9″ x 12″
Clay, Acrylic
16″x20″ Acrylic on canvas
Pen on paper
9″ x 12″
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