2018 Valentine Fundraiser

Elaine and Benoit, Timucua’s founders and total lovebirds, ca. 20th Century

Give Love, Give Timucua

“I serve on the Timucua board because I feel it deserves support from the community. I love what Timucua is to my children and to my husband. My children grow up seeing music as more than just a hobby, but an integral part of our daily lives. My husband has made invaluable connections with other artists with common values. Without Timucua, Orlando wouldn’t be the bustling arts hub of Central Florida. For us, it is a home for culture and long-lasting friendships.”

– Anh Volmer, Treasurer
Timucua Arts Foundation

You valentine will look something like this:

Dear [name],

A loved one has a made a donation in your honor this Valentine's day. This gift will help the Timucua Arts Foundation continue to provide quality music and arts to the Central Florida community.

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If you would like a special personal note added, please let us know above. Submitting this form will redirect you to PayPal, where you can donate $25 to Timucua. Thank you for supporting the arts in Central Florida.