Lesson 1


Welcome to Jazz in Seven Minutes a Day!

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The goal of this program is to give you 36 weeks of daily practice routines that will improve your reading, playing, hearing, intonation, and swing. This first week’s lesson is structured as a tutorial and is broken down into smaller steps than the lessons that follow. Once you have successfully completed the first week, the subsequent weeks will feel familiar, progressive, and pleasantly challenging.

How the course works

Click over to the materials tab and download the Lesson PDF. Like each Lesson in the course, Lesson 1 features a set of scales, ii-V-I phrases, “dots,” and a choral. If this material is new to you, it may initially take some time to learn the scale patterns. Push through the challenge, and when you’re ready, play along with the embedded video in Day 1. The video contains all of the exercises from the lesson PDF played back to back.

Your goal each day is to be able to play along to that day’s video without stopping. The tempo increases each day. After a reasonable amount of practice, you should be able to play through the entire Day 1 video without mistakes. It may take a few days of practice, but with a good work ethic, you will be able to do it. At that point, you will be ready to move on to Day 2 and work through each Day in one practice session.