Fernwood String Quartet – Live at the Dr. Phillips Center

On Saturday, January 23rd the Fernwood String Quartet performed live at the Dr. Phillips Center. Visual artist Arthur L. Dawson painted alongside the Quartet. Audiences sat a safe distance away from one another while watching the show.

The Quartet performed several pieces written by local composers who are a part of the Central Florida Composers Forum. Click here to visit the Forum’s website.

Daniel Cortes Interview

Daniel Cortes is a Venezuelan American who played viola for this program. He describes the range of sounds found within the program as “esoteric” and  “lush.” Learn more about the program by watching the video above.


Five Miniatures, Austin Ashe

OMAHA, Alex Burtzos

Gigue, Stan Cording

Shock of Waking, Jim Croson

Lumina, Troy Gifford

Minimalist Madness, Joseph Gray

Billings Portrait, Charlie Griffin

Unfortunately Not A Samba, Jamie Wehr

Arthur L. Dawson painted throughout the night, even during the break between shows. He is the Resident Artist at Timucua for January 2021. Dawson is a self-taught artist who grew up in North Florida. He developed an interest in art at the age of seven when he created a comic book with himself as the superhero vanquishing evil-doers. Loïs Mailou Jones influenced him to pursue a career in fine art. Click here to visit Dawson’s website.

Gerald Law II and the Clutch

Thank you to everyone who came out. The next performance at the Dr. Phillips Center will be on Saturday, February 6th. Gerald Law II and the Clutch will play two shows on the same evening. Click here to buy tickets!