Double Double

Thank you to the following donors who have supported this campaign:

Jeff Flowers$2000
Erin Weesner$30 - “I love supporting people who want to bring art and music to everyone. The Timucua Arts Foundation lives and breathes that message!!”
Elizabeth St. Hilaire$60
Randal Branham$100 - “As a proud member I value the significant contribution that Timucua Arts Foundation brings to all of us.”
Troy Gifford$350
Jason Schaller$600
D. S.$100
M. F.$225
E. J.$250 - “Thank you for making our community so beautiful to the ears and eyes and heart”
D. B.$60
R. S.$100
E. B.$60
J. C.$100
M. L.$2500
J. S.$2200
Vanina Parker$100 - “I became a member to support this great initiative that has been running for so long and really needs a boost to bring more artists into the Timucua welcoming space. I felt at home right away!”
Mimi Hwang$2500 - in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Kao Hwang
Aaron Lefkowitz$50
Sam Zambito$250
Nina Chatham$100
Mary Solik$2000
Christine Billis$1100
Joseph Hayes and Jennifer Greenhill Taylor$400
M.L. and J.F.$220
Sharon Omens$800
Lauri Nelson$100
Becki Creighton$100
Matt Gorney$2500
Roy and Peggy Hester$1500
Debby Randall$1000
Dr. Kathy Leotta$1000
Plush Studios$500 - “Vive le Timucua!”
Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Lisa Boger$1000
Drs. Fred and Jeanie Raffa$1000
R. S.$300
T. G.$300
S. S.$250
M. C.$300
T. S.$100
J. C.$100
Z. A.$100
J. S.$100
J. R.$100
S. C.$250
I. F.$100
J. K.$60
J. H.$250
K. H.$100
Jingfei Kong and Chelsea Jin$500
Cynthia Murray$600
M. M.$100
W. W.$100
G. Y.$2500
Dorothy Wittenberg$100
B. B.$100
A. T.$100
Stella Sung$250

This, we believe :

Art and music belong to everyone.

Art and music are the highest manifestation of our humanity.

Art and music should be enjoyed in the most intimate venue: the living room.

Every community is better when art and music are performed and nurtured within it.

Since 2000, the Timucua Arts Foundation has been built and sustained by the love of founders Benoit Glazer and Elaine Corriveau and the desire of Central Florida’s community to experience the art, music, and creative ideas housed within it. Today, Timucua boasts a history of 700+ in-house concerts, a resident chamber orchestra, and arts education and wellness programs that serve the unique needs of a local and international community of artists and their admirers.

Our vision is to keep our concerts and programs accessible and affordable. With your help, we’re able to provide a public home to the arts right here in Central Florida. Thanks to the generosity of our patrons, your gift will be doubled, making twice the impact on Timucua’s ability to serve our community!

Here’s how you can give:

1) Donate now using a credit card or PayPal

2) Donate through our Facebook page

3) Mail a check made payable to Timucua Arts Foundation, Inc. to:

Timucua Arts Foundation
2001 Hamilton Lane
Orlando, Fl 32806