Works with Sounds, an education initiative of the Timucua Arts Foundation*, introduces music and technology fundamentals by combining music making with computer science. Launched in the fall of 2016, Works with Sounds has worked with hundreds of students in the Orlando area. We have also partnered with local and national non-profits including Girl Scouts of the USA, Boys and Girls Club of America, Central Florida Community Arts, and the Alterity Chamber Orchestra.

This course consists of 30 classes divided into 5 modules of 6 classes. Each class should take approximately one week to complete and focuses on one of the 6 fundamental musical topics: melody, harmony, rhythm, form, texture, and timbre. Once all 6 fundamental musical topics are covered the student will have completed a module. The modules each have a specific focus: music theory, arranging, ethnomusicology, acoustic composition, and electronic composition. This allows the student to immerse themselves in the subject matter over the course of six weeks. At the end of each module the student will have completed a major project that could be used as coursework submission for the International Baccalaureate music program. After completing the first module, music theory, the students are allowed to choose the order in which they complete the remaining modules.