For Artists

Interested in performing at Timucua?

If you are a visual artist interested in working live on stage or exhibiting your work, fill out this application.

Equipment available

  • piano: 6’6″ K. Kawai RXA, handmade in Japan, regulated to be even and very responsive
  • drums:
    • Sonor Special Edition Maple shells, 5 piece
    • 3 rides and a crash (old K, Istanbul, Paiste)
    • choice of two kicks:
      • 20 inches, ported resonant head, foamed-in
      • 18 inches, two full heads
  • percussion: 2 congas, djembe, pandeiro, assortment of small hand percussion.
  • upright bass: 19th century 3/4 German flat back with good sustain, easy to play. Recorded 20+ CD’S with Sam Rivers
  • electric bass: not available right now
  • bass gear: Phil Jones Super Flight Case
  • guitar: Yamaha guitar with 2 humbuckers
  • guitar gear:
    • Crate Palomino 32w all tube class “A” 2 channel with footswitch
    • Crate 5w all tube combo (for full out distortion)
  • stage: 11.5 feet deep by 20.5 feet wide
  • PA: Allen & Heath mixer with effects, 4 Tannoy powered speakers (2 800A, 2 V8).

Recording equipment

  • great sounding room with some additional acoustic treatment possible
  • DPA mics (2 omni pairs, one omni high SPL, one cardiod pair, one additional cardioid, one clip on 4099)
  • Custom made Stereo Ribbon Blumlein pair, handmade for Benoit by Denial Mesanovic in 2014
  • misc mics (2 Langevin large diaphragm, 2 414, 4 Peluso, 1 Cascade ribbon, 9 vocal mics, Sony M/S mic, etc)
  • CraneSong Spider front end (2X, for 16 channels of audiophile bliss)
  • Lucid clock distritutor
  • Sound Devices 702 (also available for field recordings)
  • Reaper PC based recording rig, with a few good plug-ins
  • 4 headphone sets capacity, but only one mix
  • 4 Panasonic 3MOS cameras, all mounted on remote controlled TP heads, BMD live switcher, records ProRes HQ at 4:2:2 color re-rendering
  • FCP X video editing

Sound check at 6PM. Only 30 minutes to sound check, so keep that in mind.

Artist’s corner and gallery

  • 7 shelves for paintings, with some hooks available for hanging (two spots are limited to 32″ height)
  • music stands for bio, cards, etc
  • basic easel with adjustable height, stool available
  • room for display (prints, etc), but no special stand or rack
  • adequate lighting for the pieces as well as the live working area
  • It is best to arrive at about 6:30pm to give Benoit time to hang and light the pieces.